When should you see a speech therapist?

If your child is below 3 years old and

  • Does not speak at all
  • Is talking but does not use his speech to express his needs
  • Is talking but appears to have very few words as compared to his peers
  • Has poor eye contact and prefers to lead you to what he wants
  • Has difficulty following simple instructions
  • Becomes highly frustrated when communicating as familiar people do not understand his speech
  • Prefers to play alone and does not show an interest with interacting with others
  • Only eats a very small variety of food and dislikes mealtimes

If your child is above 3 years old and

  • Is unable to follow instructions and participate in the classroom
  • Has errors in his speech which make him difficult to understand
  • Has difficulty making friends and interacting with peers
  • Has a limited range of communicative functions e.g. only asks for things
  • Struggles with reading and writing (for those above 6)
  • Dislikes school and is unable to complete his school work independently
  • Regularly stutters in his speech by repeating sounds/words and pausing inappropriately
  • Accepts a limited variety of food

If you are an adult and

  • People have difficulty understanding you
  • You dread using the telephone, especially when talking to unfamiliar people
  • You avoid certain words because you know you cannot say them correctly
  • You repeat, prolong, stop or block sounds/words when you speak
  • Have an overwhelming fear of public speaking

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