Speech and language therapy focuses on the management of speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties in children and adults.

Communication is the exchange of information between two or more people. It is necessary for learning and for quality of life. It can be done through verbal means like speech or non-verbal means like gestures or written language. Speech refers to the production of sounds (the “how” of talking) when we speak. Language broadly refers to your understanding and use of words. It concerns the content of your communication with others (the “what” of talking). Your speech therapist can help you in all of these areas!

More specifically, your speech therapist can help you or your child in:

  • Following instructions and understanding questions
  • Improving the use of words and sentence structures to communicate effectively
  • Paying attention to speech
  • Improving speech intelligibility so others can understand you/him better
  • Improving social skills and interaction with others
  • Using all means of communication
  • Performing better at reading and writing
  • Reducing or overcoming stuttering
  • Feeding skills and acceptance of food